Attention Lens-Based Workers:

"The COVID-19 pandemic highlights and exacerbates inequities toward workers, especially those who are marginalized (including Black, Indigenous, people of color [BIPOC]; the working class; women; people with disabilities; and nonbinary, transgender, and queer people). This pandemic also presents an opportunity to rectify these inequities. It has laid bare systemic oppression, heightened community tensions, and as a result, ushered in a global civil rights revolution. This revolution emphasizes dismantling the systems that historically uphold and maintain white supremacy, echoing our call for immediate and sweeping transformation that honors the current moment. This uprising is our collective call to immediate action. The Photo Bill of Rights is a fundamental step in changing our industry and gaining rights and access for all.

The labor and livelihood of lens-based workers (including photographers, cinematographers, video and broadcast journalists, visual editors, assistants, and producers) have been under duress long before this pandemic. This Bill of Rights speaks primarily to the concerns of independent workers, though it is also largely relevant to staff employees. "

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