This is my wedding video! I obviously did not film the day-of footage (Shout out to James Um and Amy Gruntner), but the flashbacks and editing is all mine. Best day of my life.

I'm really proud of this video. I made it in one night (2013) for my friends and I to have a fun memory. I've never put it online before now, but I think it's still one of my best edits. 

This Kickstarter video is what ultimately brought us to the Northwest in 2014. A lot of things didn't work out the way we had planned on this journey, but we were able to make it possible with the help of crowdfunding, couchsurfing, and a carefree spirit. It really ended up defining the next decade for us.

July 4, 2013 - I was fortunate enough to spend my last holiday in Oklahoma with four of my very best friends. This would be last time any of us hung out before I left for my new home in Colorado. We've all grown and changed so much since this film was made, but it is still a wonderful memory I plan to keep forever.

 Filmed with a Canon 5D mark II using a 50mm f/1.4 lens, and an iPhone 4S (underwater/pool shots) 
 Music by Justin Vernon of Bon Iver
 Edited in FCP Pro X

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